That’s All Folks

Well, it’s my last day here.  It has been an amazing three months in Barcelona, but it does have to end.  Today I finished my final map for work, and went to the print shop to get everything printed.  As you can see in the previous picture post, I printed quite a few maps.  I am very proud of my achievements here.  I can’t believe how much I have learned.

I am definitely going to miss my weekend adventures all over the continent and beyond.  But that only means I’ll have to make my weekends back in Madison, WI equally, if not more interesting.  But enough of that nostalgia stuff, let me tell you all about my final days.

I arrived back in Barcelona on Monday, after the trials and tribulations of my Marrakech adventure.  Tuesday, I still wasn’t feel in fantastic, but I powered through at work.  There was even a small party in the afternoon with all sorts of typical foods.  I was extremely happy about the food, as there were a few things I wanted to eat before leaving and a few of them were there.  I stopped by a produce shop on my way home to pick up lemons, limes, tomatoes, oranges, and persimmons (or as they are called here, caqui).  I had a plan, and as Monica Geller would say, I had a jam plan.  (Yes, it’s a Friends reference).  I wanted to give my boss a gift, but not something I bought in Barcelona, because that is where she lives, and anything I could buy she would have access to anyway.  It had to be more special than that after the wonderful three months I have had.  So I decided to make her some jam.  When I got home I went to work.  I knew that making anything in my apartment kitchen would take twice as long as usual, and jam already takes a long time.  So after a few hours of stirring and sanitizing and boiling, I had two beautiful jars of jam, one tomato, and the other persimmon.

Wednesday I went to work again and continued my final steps on my final map.  I felt like I was making perfect time.  It was odd how well my timing had worked out.  After work I went out to get pintxos one last time before leaving Barcelona.  Pintxos, if I have not explained them before, are small tapas served on slices of bread.  There is a toothpick in each one, and your total price is calculated by tallying the toothpicks on your plate.

After my final pintos adventure, I tried to see Tibidabo once more.  Tibidabo is a mountain in Barcelona.  On the mountain there is a church that you can see from most of the city, as well as an amusement park.  The best way to get up there is via funicular.  This was my second try to get up to Tibidabo, and once again, the funicular was closed.  I didn’t understand.  I had googled the times and timed my trip accordingly.  It was kind of a shock knowing that I probably would not see Tibidabo this trip.  It was a wake up call, that said,”HEY, YOU’RE LEAVING.”  So, a little let down, I went back to my apartment.

Thursday I realized how code to being done I actually was.  I made a few final adjustments to my map knowing that all that would be left to do Friday was pdf and print the final product as well as other previously completed “final products.”  On my way home, I took the bus, which dropped me off right at Plaça Catalunya.  I took a final walk down La Rambla, and bought a juice in la Boqueria.  From there I grabbed the metro up to Passeig de Gracia, where I took a last look at Casa Batllo, and walked down Rambla Catalunya to a pastry shop I had been to a few times before.  I came back to my apartment and cleaned and packed up my belongings.

That brings us to today, Friday.  First thing at work, I finished my last map.  Maria sent me to the print shop with my flash drive and instructions to print two copies of each map.  I printed them and it was so satisfying.  My previous post is a photo of the stack, and posts to come will include further photos.  I went back to CoworkinGracia, where I learned that at lunchtime I would be presenting my map to some of the other coworkings in Silicon Gracia.  So I prepared a few things to say.  I was still jotting down notes when Maria called me into the meeting room.  So I brought my maps, and my notes on a folded sheet of notebook paper, illegible to anyone but myself.  I presented the maps a few different times to people as they shuffled in and out of the conference room.  The end result was quite good.  People had their questions, but on a general level, everyone seemed to like the work I had done.  It was an extremely proud moment for me, seeing all my work come together like that.

After the presentation, we all went out for lunch.  The lunch was nice, it was like a formal end to my time here.  After lunch, all of us came back to CoworkinGracia.  I said my goodbyes and then came back to my apartment to give my key back to my landlord.

I have taken care of all my pre-flight errands.  I have finished packing and cleaned my room and emptied my shelf in the refrigerator.  I’m all set to go, and in less than 24 hours I will be back in New Jersey.  It ha been a wonderful trip.  I can’t believe it’s over already.

This is not goodbye though!  I will be posting some photos soon.  There will be photos of my maps as well as some of my favorites from the trip.  That will be goodbye, or rather an “haste luego,” an, “until next time.”


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