It’s Been A Slow Week

It has been a slow week here for me.  But I didn’t want to go too long without a post.  Since Sunday, I have just been going to my internship, then coming back to my apartment.  Sometimes you just need a sleepy week.

Yesterday, while researching some POIs for my map, I stumbled upon the region of Sant Andreu.  In my 9 weeks, I had yet to hear of this area.  It doesn’t have many tourist attractions, so the guidebooks don’t even mention it.  Or at least the guidebooks I have don’t mention it.  But I found out about these two churches out there that are supposed to be beautiful.  One of them, Esglesia de Sant Pacia has a mosaic inside created by Gaudi.  The other, Esglesia de Sant Andreu del Palomar, is just supposed to be a nice building.

I took the metro after work to the area, and walked to each of the churches.  Unfortunately both were closed, so I couldn’t go inside.  This was especially disappointing for the Esglesia de Sant Pacia, because I really wanted to see the mosaic.  But the outside of Esglesia de Sant Andreu del Palomar almost made up for not being able to see the inside.  I took a few pictures, and although the trip was shorter than planned I left for my apartment.


Tomorrow my parents – check it out guys, you got a shout out – are flying in from New Jersey.  I am very excited to show them around the city I have been calling home for the past couple months.

There will definitely be a blog post about the coming week’s parental adventures.


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