The Internship

All the posts, for the most part, have been about my adventures as a tourist. I think, a little more than halfway through my my time here, it’s time for a post about my internship and what I am actually doing. 
I work in a section of Barcelona called Gracia. It’s a small area that was, for most of its history, a separate city. That still shows. Gracia has its own Barcelona subculture. 
But back to the topic here, my internship. I work in a coworking, an office in which many small companies work in a shared space. Gracia is populated with a variety of different coworkings, collectively titled, Silicon Gracia. Now as a GIS intern, I am creating a map of Gracia specifically for coworkings, and visitors to the coworkings. That is, one with POIs like coworker services and grocery stores. There are also labels for standard attractions and interesting plazas. The final part of the map, which I have yet to do, is a set of itineraries describing desirable routes through the city. 
Here are some photos, to give a better idea. 


Also, I apologize for the lateness of my posts. I was having some WordPress-related computer trouble. Hopefully it is all resolved now.


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