Lesson Learned

I haven’t done too much in the past few days, but I know that if I don’t keep posting consistently, I will likely stop altogether.  So this is a procrastination post.

Tuesday was a public holiday, and the final day of La Merce.  I went back to Plaça de Sant Jaume to see the Dance of the Giants.  I could hardly see, the place was so packed.  But I did what everyone else was doing and extended my iPhone as far above my head as I could, tilted it forward a bit, and snapped photos until my arm hurt.  The photos were quite helpful, I could see everything that was going on then.  And just as the title of the show claimed, there were giants in the plaza.  

The giants were these incredible, intricate costumes of kings and queens, maneuvered by a person standing at the base.  I only wish I had gotten to the plaza earlier to get a better spot from which I could watch.  

After the giants, there were human towers again, as there had been earlier in the week.  These ones were equally, if not more, incredible than the first ones I saw.  Instead of building the tower only from the top – that is – people climbing on top of others to build the height – these were built from the top and the bottom.  I could not see how the building from the bottom worked, but I imagine it either stemmed from bottom castillers (people who participate in human towers) originally being bent at the knee and then straightening or towers being lifted onto more shoulders.  Either way, wow.

That was really all I saw of the festival, although Tuesday night I could see the fireworks from my window that signified the end of La Merce.

Today I only spent a half day at my internship.  A bit after I arrived my boss called me.  Calling her back was quite difficult as I was out of mobile credit.  When I got in touch with her, she apologized for not being in, and told me she was not feeling well and that I could go home.

I did just that.  I went home and rested.  This evening, I went out to buy more mobile credit – a necessary errand.  After completing the important part of my outing I figured I should do something about dinner.  

Originally, my plan was to stop in a takeaway shop for a sandwich.  But I got curious, and decided to see if La Boqueria was still open.  And that was definitely the correct decision.  It was almost closing time at the market and everything – I mean EVERYTHING – was on sale.  I bought two fresh juices – a coconut and a blackberry banana – for one euro.  The woman selling them offered me a third, the final blackberry banana – for free, but having only two hands, I declined.  After promptly inhaling the juices, I went on in search of food.  There was a man selling the pastries that looked kinda  of portable potpies without the gravy.  The original price was four euro, twenty-five cents each.  But as it was closing time, he was offering two for four euro.  Could I refuse that deal?  Certainly not.  Dinner became a chicken-potato-vegetable and a beef-vegetable pastry.

So that was all for the last two days.  The lesson here is that if you are in Barcelona, and hungry around 7:30, go to La Boqueria.


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