Almost a Success

Successes for the day:

  • Ordering food from a menu in Castellano
  • Taking the metro to a new place
  • Buying groceries
  • Taking a random bus and getting back home
  • Giving directions to tourists in Spanish

Not so successful:

  • Ordering coffee
  • Staring blankly at a woman speaking to me in Catalan
  • Meeting people

Yes, that’s right, I took the metro to a plaza called Passeig de Gràcia, and did not get lost.  I did not know what was there, and was told my internship was nearby. So I thought I would check it out.  I came up from the metro and took a look around, and there, right next to me was Casa Batllò, one of the Gaudi apartments.  I wasn’t prepared to look like a mega tourist just yet, so I kept walking.  I wandered into a cafe, as I was starving because I slept through breakfast.  (I really have to get over this whole jet lag thing.)  When I tried ordering coffee, I asked for just coffee, no milk.  Apparently that means espresso.  Lesson learned.  After a few hours of wandering and taking pictures of the apartments – I did get over my fear of being labeled a tourist – I hopped back on the metro to come home, only to go out one more time.  That time I got lost.  I found a bus, #73, and remembered that a 70-something bus would get me home.  At the bus stop, a woman starting speaking to me.  I assume she was asking a question, but she was speaking Catalan, so I stared blankly for about 30 seconds, before explaining that I only speak Spanish and English.  I’m not sure what she said after that, but I assume she got the point and went on to find someone else to help.  Thankfully I was correct about the bus. It took me back to the residence hall, where I went for a nap.  But let’s call that a siesta, and not jet lag.


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