Everyone Makes Mistakes

Melvin did not enjoy his flight very much, as I held him tightly for the duration of the bumpy seven hour trip.  But despite my discomfort on airplanes, we arrived safely and found the taxi driver to take us to the residence we will call home for the next three months.  That is when I made mistake number one:  I answered the taxi driver in English.  That, unfortunately, was not a language he spoke.  That’s okay.  Catalan is not a language I speak, so we settled on Spanish.  With regard to language, Barcelona is an interesting place.  All of the signs here list everything in three languages:  Catalan first, then English, and finally Spanish.  One would think Spanish and English would be the other way around.  But other than the signs not making any sense, the people all speak Catalan and Spanish.  English is thrown around here and there, but usually in a Spanglish sort of way.  At least this will help me brush up on my foreign language skills.

After settling in (more or less) to my dorm room, and meeting my roommate, and taking a much needed nap, I set off to get everything else set up.  I now have directions to my internship, an ethernet cable (very important), and a Spanish phone.  But as I sit in my dorm room surfing my newly acquired internet, the night is young, by which I mean according to Spanish standards, it has yet to start.  If I don’t fall asleep, this could all be very interesting.


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